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Loughrey Memorials are a family owned fourth generation stonemason company and have been crafting headstone and other stonework’s for over one hundred years. We have been taught our craft and skills by our father and uncles and their father before. 

We have worked all over Ireland, the UK and Australia. We are based in Daingean Co. Offaly and have been here at our factory for over 40 years. We have traveled all over the world to shows and seminars finding and learning the latest techniques and technologies while also keeping true to our raw traditional stone-masonry roots.

What We Do

At Loughrey memorials we are here to help you through this difficult time with the passing of your loved one. We can talk you through the process of selecting a memorial style which best reflects and remembers your loved one. There can be many things to consider such as style, stone types, Color and Wording and we will guide you through the whole process. We have a large range of headstones and memorials available and can create a lasting tribute to your loved one’s life.

We can supply and erect almost any Style, Finish or Color required from Limestone High cross to Polished Black Granite Apex Headstone.


Clean headstone at set times throughout the year, renew chippings, cut grass around grave, remove weeds, plant and lay fresh flowers.


Cleaning and sandblasting of existing headstone. Re-inscriptions of writing, repainting and gold leafing of inscription.


Add additional writing to existing headstone.


Remove old chippings, clay or grass and lay new chippings or pebbles.

At Loughrey Memorials we pride ourselves on our compassion, our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship on all our headstones. This is the foundation that Loughrey Memorials is built on. We can help you choose an appropriate inscription for your chosen headstone. We supply grave accessories including Plaques and Photographs. Our services also include headstone renovations,and additional inscriptions. We supply Irish Limestone and Granite Headstones from Ireland. We are direct importers of granite from China and India and can offer A wide and varied choice of colour & designs.

A picture can never capture the depth of colour or the true beauty of stone, The pictures on this website are mainly to indicate design options. All the Memorials are Natural Stone and all designs shown are available from stock in a variety of colours. As these monuments are made from a natural product, the colour may vary, and this is part of the uniqueness of stone. Our company can supply memorials to individual specifications, in granite or marble and provide a comprehensive service to achieve the desired result.

If for any reason you cannot find your desired memorial on this website, don’t worry as we can manufacture your own memorial to your required design, specification and colour. Please note that for special monuments it may take longer to supply.

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